Prostatitis Foundation logo 1995

The Prostatitis Foundation is a patient-led group seeking answer to a chronic inflammation disease, prostatitis. I designed this logo for the The Prostatitis Foundation, which they still use. The cool thing about this logo is that it can be used as a graphic to explain the disease. In prostatitis, smaller sacks within the prostate gland become swollen with inflammation, blocking urine flow. The areas of the logo containing the 'p' and 'f' could be used to illustrate this.

Also, this logo is designed to be recognizable as small as about 30 pixels wide.

In 1995 I took this group onto the web, and obtained the domain "," and the site grew to several million clicks a year, providing information and tips to patients from Egypt to Argentina, Russia to the United States. I turned the site over to a new webmaster in 2001.

Logo with a blue circle containing the letters 'p' and 'f'